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Take advantage of our 5 pack special, it’s one of the best values in the industry. For only $1,200, it includes 4 Silver teams and 1 Bronze team. To purchase, simply notify us of the 4 Silver teams and 1 Bronze team you want via email and we will input your teams and then set up a payment option for you. No other items can be added to this purchase.

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2015 AFFL Main Level Contests

Silver Level

Entry Fee: $300.00

Grand Prize: $15,000*

League Prizes $1,800

Bronze Level

Entry Fee: $100.00

Grand Prize: $10,000**

League Prizes: $400

Copper Level

Entry Fee: $50.00

Grand Prize: $5,000**

League Prizes: $200

Iron Level

Entry Fee: $5.00

Grand Prize: $1,000

League Prizes: $15 Credit

*Silver League Grand Prize is based on a maximum of only 15 leagues!
**Bronze, and Copper League Grand Prizes are based on a minimum of 25 leagues in each level. Prizes can increase with increased participation. See rules for complete details.

 2015 Individual & DraftMaster League Entry Fees and Payouts

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 We reward the winners!

Are you playing for 100th Place? Or, are you playing for 1st Place?

Here at the AFFL we have:

  • All prizes secured in an escrow account
  • Higher % payouts than the competition, up to 95%
  • Lower entry fees
  • Better odds to win, as good as 1 out of 4 to win your money back, and 1 out of 3 to win money overall.

Are you tired of beating your friends and coworkers year in and year out in your local leagues? Are you looking for a challenge? If you’re ready to take the next step and compete in the high stakes fantasy football arena…

Raise Your Game

and join us here. We will provide you with a first class, rewarding experience, where you can trash talk with the some of the best fantasy football players from around the country.

Congratulations to our 2014 Champions!


Silver- Evangelos Lilas

Team – Knightmare

Bronze- Dave Nibert

Team - Taco Corp Bronze 6

Copper- Thomas Duncan

Team - 220_221 WIT

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