Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer has earned the respect of the flag community and is considered one of the best 7-man teams in all of flag football. They have won multiple flag football championships over the last decade. 

The New Orleans-based team led by QB and Free Safety Darrell “Housh” Doucette have claimed multiple AFFL titles, including the 2018 $1 Million Ultimate Final that aired nationally on the NFL Network. Doucette and the team backed up their stellar play in 2019, winning the AFFL Ultimate Final in dramatic double overtime fashion!

All eyes were on Fighting Cancer heading into the 2021 tournament!

Would they prove all good things come in threes? Or would they succumb to the pressure?

Texas Money Team

The Texas Money Team (TMT) was created in the heart of Dallas, Texas. The team is composed of players who were a part of different travel teams around the area. 

TMT has been a dominant force throughout the history of the AFFL. In 2018 they made it to America’s Championship vs Fighting Cancer where they succumbed to the defending champs, 36-25. They returned in 2019 as the America’s bracket favorite to win, and did so with a convincing 46-20 win over Dream Team.

In the 2020 Ultimate Final they lost to the newly-minted professional Fighting Cancer team for the second time.

Florida Fury

The team was started in 2008 by Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel and was given the name Gators United. The team was filled with former Gator players, many of whom had played in the NFL (Major Wright, Chris Doering, Ahmad Black, Brandon James, Frankie Hammond, Travis McGriff) and three flag football players (James Di Virgilio, Adam Langston, and Jerome Lemon), all of whom currently coach the team.

In the 2018 AFFL season, Gators United lost in the opening Round of 32 to XFlag Football. In 2019, the team expanded its reach beyond the Gator Nation and was renamed the Florida Fury. This squad featured Danny Wuerffel, Michael Vick, Jason Avant, a host of other former NFL and college players along with some of the top flag football players in the country. Playing the AFFL pro division against the defending champions Fighting Cancer, Florida Fury held a 34-19 lead late in the second half, before Fighting Cancer made an epic comeback to win the game in Double OT.

The 2021 edition of the Florida Fury is once again led by Danny Wuerffel, and featured a roster heavy with former NFL and college football players, along with some of the best flag players, all seeking the same thing – an AFFL championship.

Strong Island Bulldogs

The Strong Island Bulldogs have been around the flag world for over seven years. They dominated the state of New York before team captain, Christopher Bute, decided to have the team travel nationally. The Bulldogs’ domination continued at the national level, and the team took the flag world by storm. The Bulldogs have made a name for themselves and are filled with some of flag football’s best talent in the world.

In the AFFL’s 2018 inaugural season, the Bulldogs finished in the top 6 and were eliminated in the quarterfinals. The Bulldogs had a similar finish in 2019, as they advanced to the quarterfinals, defeating an impressive Sik Wit It team 34-19 in the Round of 32, before falling short to Ultimate Final Runner-Up TMT 26-13. 

Super Fly aka Kings of Florida

SuperFly is captained by flag football great John Fletcher, who also leads and manages the Florida powerhouse that is Kings of Florida (KOF).

KOF has claimed multiple 7man, 5man, and 4man titles. With many star-studded players from Kings on Fletcher’s AFFL roster, SuperFly was sure to be a top contender for the championship title.

In the AFFL’s 2019 season, SuperFly qualified for the Round of 32 before being exited early by the Fort Worth Rams, 32-29.

Code Red

Code Red is a notable 9-man powerhouse squad that decided to step into new waters and put in a team for the 7v7 AFFL style from the jump.

Code Red has been around the AFFL block. They started strong in 2018, making it all the way to the Semifinals. Along the way they beat top teams such as Mean Machine (27-8), The Ducks (22-0), and Athletes (31-20). Their winning streak came to an end when they lost to TMT, 14-13.

In 2019 Code Red was defeated in the quarterfinals, 47-35, by an emerging team, the Freaks. QB Matt Demarteleire and Code Red hope to turn it around in 2021 and compete for a championship.


The Freaks debuted at the 2019 Baltimore Regional and put the Freak in Freaky.

The team was made specifically to play and win the AFFL by QBs Patrick Alley and Eric Holliday after watching the success of the 2018 season. As a brand new team out of Texas, they expected to see themselves as a top threat despite not being as experienced in the format. New to the scene, the Freaks showed the world that knowledge is power, even on the field. They were known for taking repeated risks and succeeding with onside plays. After success in Baltimore, the Freaks defeated a strong Code Red team 47-35 in the Quarterfinals before falling short in America’s Bracket Semifinals to TMT, 43-30.

They have continued to play, work, and dominate together and expect nothing but success in the 2021 tournament.

Mean Machine

Mean Machine was started by QB, Chris Hughes, in the 1990s. Their team name originates from the original version of The Longest Yard. The roster of players has changed over the years, but the name has remained the same. The team has won numerous collegiate 7-man tournaments, 8-man tournaments, and was known for having one of the best coed teams in the 2000s (USFTL Coed National Champions 2009, 2008, 2009).

Mean Machine established themself as a force to be reckoned with in the AFFL’s inaugural 2018 season, beating elite opponents such as Dream Team and Athletes prior to losing to Code Red in the quarterfinals.

In the AFFL’s 2019 season, Mean Machine did not fare as well as in their first go-around. The team narrowly lost in the opening Round of 32 to Church’s Money 43-40.

Make n Impact

For the AFFL’s 2021 tournament, Make It Happen Players (MIHP) has collaborated with teams Impact and Spartans as Make N Impact in hopes of winning the championship title.

The team Make It Happen Players (MIHP) was started in 2013 when the team sponsor, Pops, decided to play flag football with his son. The father-son duo began to recruit their most talented opponents to play with them in the Florida Flag Football League. This led them to players like quarterback Josh McGregor, an offensive general who has led them to several state titles.

After falling short in the 2019 AFFL Tournament to Dream Team 26-21, MIHP decided to go the super team route and combine the best players of three dominant teams into one unit.

Dream Team

Dream Team originally started with the Urias family (Jerry Urias), and was composed of all brothers and cousins. The family grew up in the City of El Monte, which is a few minutes outside of Los Angeles. The team name originates from Jerry’s late brother, Hector Urias, who came up with the name because he said it was his dream to play with all three Urias brothers on the same team.

After a few years, the team decided to take a break. Following two years of not playing, Chuck Lozano and Jerry Urias brought the Dream Team back with players old and new, and now have been playing together for close to 15 years.

Dream Team has picked up more players from different areas such as Compton, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Riverside, and Miami. Dream Team is more than a team. It is a family. They attend family parties, weddings, and travel the country together while casually winning several championships in multiple formats.

In 2018, Dream Team made it to the Round of 32 before losing to Mean Machine, 29-12. With the taste of winning, competition, and a large stage, Dream Team did what they had to do to come back better and stronger.

Dream Team made a name for itself in the AFFL, improving from the Round of 32 in 2018 to the America’s bracket finals in 2019.

Curry Money

Curry Money is a combination of two powerful West Coast teams – veteran AFFL squad Church’s Money and the Curry Bombers.

In the AFFL’s first season in 2018, Church’s Money advanced all the way to the quarterfinals. They lost to TMT, who was the runner-up of America’s Bracket that year.

In 2019, Church’s Money was able to advance even further in the bracket. They defeated notable teams such as Mean Machine (43-40) and the Fort Worth Rams (26-21) before falling short to Dream Team in the America’s Bracket semifinals.